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5 Tips for Truly Effective Brochure Design

5 Tips for Truly Effective Brochure Design




Don’t underestimate the power of a brochure.  The fact that brochures have long been an integral part of sales means that they have a (http://www.themarketingcentre.com/do-glossy-brochures-still-work-or-has-digital-marketing-killed-the-power-of-print/) psychological grasp on prospective buyers.  A seemingly generational memory is stirred by the smell of fresh ink and crisp paper, and people pay attention to the contents of the brochure simply because of the tradition it represents.


That being said, not all brochures are a sure sale.  People still want to be impressed when they delve into the overall design of a brochure and can be put off by dull or tacky offerings.  So, in order for a brochure to be truly effective, it needs to exhibit the modern design details that impress readers enough to turn them into customers.


With that in mind, the following tips should help you create brochures that are not only eye-catching and tasteful, but that are also extremely effective marketing tools.


Tips for Inspired Brochure Design



1. Know Your Audience

Before you get started on design ideas, it is important to ask yourself a few questions regarding the purpose of your brochure.  You have to have a clear idea regarding what it is you want your brochure to achieve.  Furthermore, it is important that you cater to the tastes of your target audience.


2. Choose Your Paper Wisely

The type of printing paper you choose for your brochure can impact the ultimate design of your brochure, meaning that you should discuss this step with your brochure printers before you start planning the design elements.  There are many factors that affect the overall quality of the brochure (such as paper weight, coating, opacity, and brightness), so clever paper choice is vital in the early stages of your design process.


3. Consider Your Images

If your budget allows for a unique photo shoot, you can be assured that your images will be unique.  However, if you are using stock images, be sure to select images that don’t have ‘stock’ feel to them as this can unintentionally give your brochure a generic air.  
With visual elements attracting the eyes of readers before the printed words do, choosing images wisely is very important for the creation of an effective brochure.


4. Avoid Font Clutter

Some designers feel that using many interesting fonts inspires interest on the part of the reader.  However, this can have the adverse effect by making the brochure seem too cluttered and messy.  Many of the most effective brochures keep their fonts very simple and minimal.


5. Write for Your Readers

When writing copy, consider the ultimate purpose of the brochure.  Is it meant to be an additional resource for attendees of an exhibition, or is it meant to create customers of people who pick it up in a waiting room.  The former needs to tend to the specifics of the product while the latter needs to simply inspire further interest.  The way you approach your brochure copy can decide if your brochure is effective or not.


Because of their long history as marketing material, brochures have the advantage of inspiring interest in readers.  But, in order to turn that interested reader into a fully-fledged customer, some great design features are necessary.  With these tips and a fair amount of knowledge regarding your target market, you shouldn’t have a problem creating some truly effective, tastefully unique brochures.