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Writing Your Wedding Invitations

Getting the wording right on your wedding invites is about more than just avoiding spelling mistakes or getting the date wrong when you submit the text for wedding invitation printing. The details are important, but you also need to create an invite that shows people how your wedding will be: traditional, informal, or completely unique?

Choosing Your Words

Before you sit down to write your wedding invitation you will need to have made all the big decisions about where and when your wedding will be held. You will also need to know what kind of event it will be before you can arrange wedding invitation printing so that can provide a dress code and make decisions about the style of the invite. There are a lot of rules about formal wedding invitations, but if you are having a less traditional wedding then you can bend them as much as you want.

What to Include on Your Wedding Invitation

Traditionally a wedding invite will include the following lines, although the wording can change depending on how formal you want the invitation to be:

The names of the hosts, who would traditionally be the bride’s parents but are more often the couple themselves on modern invites
A phrase requesting the invitee to attend the wedding, for example “request the pleasure of your company” or “would love for you to join them”. You can use our mail merge service to write in the guest’s name here or on a separate line.

  • The names of the couple will then be placed on the next line if they are not already named at the hosts. For example, “at the marriage of…” or “at their wedding”.
  • Date and time of the wedding
  • Wedding location
  • Information about the time and location of the reception
  • Dress code
  • Details about how to RSVP (or a separate RSVP card to return)
  • Any other essential information, for example if children won’t be invited to the reception

The wording you choose should reflect the style of your wedding, so it can be very formal and traditional or more casual and modern. It is vital to get all of the details correct to avoid confusion, so make sure that you check everything very carefully before submitting the text for wedding invitation printing.

What Makes a Good Banner?

An effective banner design will be able to grab people’s attention from a distance while also looking good when people get closer. It should also represent your brand and display a clear and memorable message. Whether you are creating your own banner or using our design services for same day printing in London, the following tips should help you to understand what works.

Tips for Effective Exhibition Banners

  • Think Big: The text and images on your banner must be large enough to be clear at the distance from which they will be seen. Keep the text as concise as possible, use an easy to read font, and make sure that the images are easily identifiable.
  • Use Height to Your Advantage: Putting your company name or logo at the top will help people to identify your stand from a distance. The main image or message should be at around eyelevel so that it catches people’s attention when they are near the stand. You can add any extra information such as contact details or your website to the bottom of the banner for people who take the time to step closer.
  • Choose High Quality Materials: Banners need to be tough, especially if you will be taking them around to multiple events, so it’s important to choose durable materials when ordering through our same day printing service. Choosing sturdy, high quality materials will also ensure that you are making the right impression on your target audience.
  • Match Your Brand and the Event: Banner designs need to suit your branding as well as the style of the event you will be attending. Think about how you want to appear to the people you will be meeting. For example, are you trying to attract customers or is it a networking event where you’ll be making new professional contacts?
  • Be Dramatic: Working on a large scale means that you can make a big and immediate impact, so don’t be afraid to be creative or to experiment with different designs. Banners can also be ideal when you want to make a quick change or highlight a special event or offer, especially if you use our same day printing services in London to get hold of them in a hurry.