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5 Effective Ways to Organise Your Paperback Book for Publication

Organising the text in an easy to understand way is essential if you want to create a readable paperback or perfect binding book. Our print service in London provides lots of options for your paperback book, but you should also consider these tips on organising the text.

Paper back books

Tips for Organising Your Book

1. Page numbers: Most perfect binding books and booklets will include page numbers, which may need to start after the title pages. They are usually centred or placed at the outer corner near the top or bottom of the page. Make sure that you get the page numbers right if you’re writing the contents or an index.

2. Chapters: Breaking the text up into chapters or sections can make it easier for readers to navigate a long text. It is particularly important if you want to be able to direct readers to specific sections or if they are likely to be dipping in and out rather than reading through the entire book in order.

3. Contents Page: Adding a contents page to the front is a good idea, especially for non-fiction texts. It will enable people to check what is included and to find specific sections quickly.

4. Index: An index can be an important tool for readers of non-fiction texts. It is usually placed right at the end of the book and should contain all of the terms that readers are likely to search for.

5. Special Sections: Sometimes it can be helpful to divide the text up into different sections of the page or book so that it is easier to find or understand. You might want to include an image section with all of the photos and illustrations in one place rather than spread throughout the perfect binding book. You could also use boxes or borders to separate different elements of the text within the pages, for example to add figures or definitions of key words alongside the main body of the text.

If you need any more advice on organising your text or help designing your perfect binding book, then get in touch with our print and design experts in London.

How Do You Use Your Compliment Slips?

Compliment slips can be a very handy item to have around, especially when you do a lot of business through the post. However, some people are unclear on the best way to make use of them. Most of the confusion over compliment slip printing surrounds the question of when to include a compliment slip rather than another print item such as a letterhead or business card.

compliment slips

Benefits of Compliment Slips

The best way to understand how to use compliment slips is to think about the differences between them and the other print options. Compliment slips have some important advantages that can make them the best choice in certain circumstances. A compliment slip is usually a small piece of branded paper that contains all of your important contact information. It will also have space to add a printed or handwritten message. Compliment slips therefore share some of the characteristics of both letterheads and business cards. However, their smaller size makes them a more aesthetically pleasing, environmentally friendly and cheaper option than letterheads when you don’t need as much space. You will still have much more room than on a business card, and the paper compliment slip can be the option that feels right in some circumstances, rather than the thicker business card.

Most Popular Uses of Compliment Slips

Many businesses are already arranging compliment slip printing along with their other stationary in order to take advantage of these benefits. You can use compliment slips:

  • To introduce and explain enclosures to the recipient, such as marketing material or a product
  • For short notes that would look out of place on your larger letterhead
  • To slip inside marketing brochures or wallets as a handy form of contact information when a business card wouldn’t feel right
  • As discount coupons, especially when being sent out with an order
  • To encourage you or your employees to take a personal approach by including handwritten notes

Get in touch to learn more about compliment slip printing or for advice on your design.