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How much space do you need?

You often don’t need a whole brochure to promote just one or two new items, advertise an event or a new offer. If this is the case, it is worth looking at our folded leaflets.

We offer leaflets with 4 pages, 6 pages or 8 pages as standard. All leaflets are ONE sheet of paper with various different types of fold to achieve a different look.

4 Page Leaflet – folded in half to give 4 printed panels. This could be an A4 sheet folded to A5 or an A5 folded to an A6 for a pocket sized leaflet. Also known as Bi-Fold or Half Fold.

6 Page Leaflet – folded into 3 equal sections to give 6 printed panels. There are 3 main types of fold associated with these.
Roll Fold – folded into 3 equal sections, the right hand page is
folded in, then the left hand page folded over the top to create a
Concertina Fold (Z-Fold) – folded into 3 equal sections, but folded in a concertina or fan style.
Gate Fold – the two outer flaps are folded form the ends to meet in the middle like a set of double doors.

8 Page Leaflets – 8 Page leaflets can be roll fold, concertina fold, crossfold or closed gate fold.

Whatever you have to say, let City Printing Ltd help design, advise and print your marketing materials.

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