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Getting your business ready for the Christmas Season during Covid19

Red Poster in business window saying "Come in we're open"

The impact of Covid19 has been huge on all business this year. We know it's going to have an effect on Christmas. There's bound to be last minute changes from the government. So how can you as a business owner, prepare your marketing and events for the best return?

Whilst we are currently in the midst of a lockdown, there are things you can be putting in place for opening on the 2nd December.


For businesses that can afford to do so, this Black Friday (27th November) you can choose to offer discounts on products. Or even better offer them on subscription products.

You should be gearing everything towards building customer loyalty. Choose items that will increase their lifetime spend with you, rather than a one off purchase.

If you do choose to offer discounts on “one off buys” now is a great time to really get into targeted marketing. Follow the purchase up with an email saying thank you. Make sure the email includes related products you think they may be interested in, or a further discount on linked products.

Supporting Small Business

For smaller businesses this year, you can join in with Small Business Saturday, something we personally LOVE.
This is held the weekend after Black Friday, on the 5th December. Supported by American Express and in its eighth year in the UK.

Last year an estimated £800m was spent in small businesses across the UK on Small Business Saturday. With a record turnout of 17.6 million people choosing to shop small on the day.

People are encouraged to spend local, supporting small businesses in their area. Some businesses offer discounts, but you don’t have to – this is about support for businesses in the local community.

Preparing Physical Shops

The usual rush of Boxing Day Sales is going to need a rethink! This year the focus will be on making customers feel safe.

Ensure you have clear signage to create one way systems and posters to remind customer to wear face masks and social distance. Think about how you will limit numbers in your shop.

But wait, if you limit numbers, how will everyone get their shopping done?

Many clients we work with will be extending their hours during December to make it easier for their customers. Large window stickers are perfect for advertising new opening hours, they’re also easily removable.

If you will require a queuing system then floor stickers or tape is the best way to encourage social distancing. Long lasting, but easy to take up when you are finished with them. (Pop us an email if you need help with this)

What will be important to your customers this year

Well, lets be honest, it’s going to depend on what is, and isn’t allowed.

For some people the focus is going to be on spending time with family they may not have seen for months, due to lockdown or shielding. For others they’ll be continuing to shield. Working on your digital presence and helping them enjoy time virtually with family is going to be important.

Gifts are likely to be more thoughtful and many people are focused on small businesses. There has been a backlash against bigger businesses who were not responsive to the pandemic.  

With many people losing jobs and living on reduced incomes they may appreciates sales pre Christmas. However if you sell Business to Business beware. Many companies are still struggling with bringing staff back from furlough. Without the confidence of knowing what January will bring, they may be reluctant to make big purchases. Hitting them with big sales tactics may be less important than taking time to talk to them. Discuss how you could be helping and collaborating to ensure you both have a better year next year.

Ensure your Digital presence is perfect

Ecommerce websites hit their highest ever traffic over the summer. Ensure your website can cope, your products are ready to send and your packaging is good to go (see more on packaging here).

Think about what you can offer online.

We’ve worked on a project with a local bar, putting together wine tasting packages to be sent out, with the group tasting held virtually. As well as an event for a cook-a-long dinner – with all ingredients supplied.

Keeping your clients up to date via social media is so important. Whether you have new products, different opening hours or sales – social media is where they’re likely to find out about it first. It’s also where they’re likely to complain or congratulate you. So make sure any staff looking after the accounts are well briefed on how to interact with customers.

Supporting Local.

One ‘benefit’ of Covid19 has been the huge increase in community spirit. Local and small businesses have worked hard to diversify, open extra hours and help those in need. YouGov statistics show that as a result of coronavirus, 64% of people want to support local businesses and buy local products. With women being even more likely to shop within their community (70%). 

Use window graphics, posters, flags, and leaflet campaigns to let your community know you are open for business. We’ve see an increase in the ROI for leaflet drops during lockdown. We believe this is due to people being at home more, being more likely to read physical mail due to screen fatigue and being more open to shopping locally. (You can read more about it here)

We mentioned targeted marketing earlier. Tying into this is a return to loyalty cards or points systems – used well by many coffee shop chains. They boost brand loyalty – great for you, and they reduce costs for customers – great for them!

One of our best marketing campaigns is always our Personalised Christmas Cards. These are sent out to all clients to say thank you, they often contain a discount for the new year too.

We know this Christmas Season is going to be different, but being prepared now will get your business in the best place to manage it. Keep your customers and staff safe, your online presence updated and if you have a physical shop – make sure it shouts “OPEN”


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Are you impressing your customers with branded packaging?

Branded mailer bag with text "How important is branded packaging"

Branded packaging is now SO much more important.

Millions more items are being delivered, rather than bought it shops. Branded packaging helps create a far better experience, especially when we're all missing that shopping buzz!

But Why is Branded Packaging Important?

Dotcom’s 2015 “Unwrapping the Experience” study, showed that premium packaging hugely improves brand perception, with 61% of shoppers saying that it makes a brand appear more upscale. It also helps create a memorable experience, 49% said they were more excited about opening a package if it came in branded packaging.

And this was 2015, imagine the study redone now.

With the increase in online shopping over the last 5 years compounded by the Covid19 lockdown. More and more consumers are sharing unboxing online and more than half of shoppers use Social Media to research the product they are contemplating buying. 61% have said they were influenced to buy a product after seeing it unboxed on social media.

Branded packaging is a small outlay for a possibly huge return. With statistics like these can you afford not to utilise the packaging experience to impress your customers, their friends, family and followers?


Statistics on branded packaging

Let's take a look at some of the options starting from the outside and working in.

Mailing Bags

Branded mailing bags can be ordered from as few as 500 at a time, although as with everything, the more you order the more economical it is per item. We can supply Poly mailer bags which are recylable, some that are even biodegradable! With or without handles and in a range of sizes.

PolyBag Mailer Sizes and Costs

You could be looking at branded packaging mailing bags from as little as 22p each when ordering as few as 2000. These include a one colour logo print to front only. We can offer double sided printing and up to 4 colours on request.
All prices are plus VAT at the current rate.


Small (255x330x50mm)


Large (355x460x50mm)

Extra Large



£315 £295 £340


£285 £335 £335 £385


£440 £510 £545 £625

Branded Mailing Bag on a pile of plain ones

Packaging Boxes

Branded Packaging Boxes

So, your customer has opened their branded mailing bag, what next? Beautiful full colour printed boxes! These branded boxes can also be used alone and are available in a wide range of sizes. The prices below include full colour print on either kraft boxes or whitened boxes. If you want to really wow them – add print to the inner!

Our boxes are bidegradable/compostable and plastic free, perfect in a time when people are focusing heavily on over packaging, excessive use of plastic and wastage.


Small (92x92x50mm)


Letterbox (245x194x22mm








£375 £950 £1015 £1485


£730 £1690 £1975 £1985

Whitened branded Mailer Box with logo


More Options for Branded Packaging Boxes

Branded Belly Band on Kraft Box Branded Label on Kraft Box Branded Tissue Paper in a Kraft Mailer Box

Belly Bands
Maybe your budget won't quite stretch to printed boxes. We can still help you create an experience your customers will want to share.
Belly bands are relatively cheap to produce (depending on box size) these are supplied crease with either a pack of glue dots or with double sided adhesive already applied.

Custom Labels and Stickers

Even with the smallest budget we can help you create branded packaging that will get you noticed. Our label range is huge, running from tiny labels to huge ones, printed in full colour. We can also print on metallic or neon backgrounds.

Even a small label will reinforce your brand identity.

Branded Tissue Paper

Wrapping your product up in this light, beautifully crinkly paper makes it such a joy to open. Fold it underneath your product to hold it closed or use a branded label to hold it together.
Actually unwrapping your product will make it feel much more like a gift experience to you customer – even if its a gift to themselves!


These are brand new items, so they're not available on our website yet.

If you want to have a chat about your packaging and how we can help you enhance your customers experience pop us an email here


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