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Product Spotlight – Digital Foiling in Print

City Printing Digital Foil Rolls in a range of colours
City Printing Digital Foil Rolls in a range of colours

Digital Foiling and Traditional Foiling can both leave your printed product with beautiful metallic accents – the difference is in the process and the finish


Digital Foiling.

Works best on smooth uncoated board, although if you want print alongside your foil it will also need to be soft touch laminated. Digital foil adheres to printed toner and leaves a bright, shiny but flat image.


Traditional Foiling

Works best on rough or textured stock. A stamp is created of your design and this is then pressed into the board leaving an embossed foil image.


Digital Foiling: The Pro’s

Size AND Fine Details

Traditional Foiling stamps are costed per inch square, so the larger the area you want to foil the more expensive it gets. It can also be difficult fine details on a metal stamp.
Digital Foiling adheres to printed toner, if you are printing Invitations the cost for a foiled name or a large image would be the same. It will also adhere to small amounts of toner, making intricate designs possible.



Because no stamp is required Digital Foil allows for personalisation in a way that Traditional Foil never could. Suddenly foiling individual names on Invitations, using a range of foiled designs across your Business Cards or restaurant menus is easy and economical. If you were to attempt this with Traditional Foil each design/Name would have to have its own stamp which would cost a small fortune.



Digital foil files are created directly from the computer. Unlike Traditional Foil where a stamp has to be created which can take 5-10 days.
There is no waiting time, as soon as it is printed it can be Digitally Foiled so items can be produced in days rather than weeks.



There are hundreds of colours available for Digital Foiling. Standard colours like Gold, Silver, Copper as well as Rose Gold, Brights and Pastels. We shouldn’t have any trouble finding a colour to fit with your branding. Digital foil is also available in a glitter and holographic finish, perfect for that extra sparkle or security.


Digital Foiling: The Con’s


At the moment Digital Foil is at it’s best on smooth, laminated card. Using it on a rough or textured card will not show it at its best and will not enhance your product. If you have your heart set on a textured board then you should definitely consider our Traditional Foiling options.


Higher Quantities

Higher quantities can equal higher costs. Digital Foil costs the same for every sheet printed. Traditional Foil has high set up costs but the running costs are low so if you are going for thousands of prints, traditional is the way to go.



There can be some movement on Digital Print and as each sheet has to be printed twice (see our Digital Foil explanation below) this can mean there is a small amount of variation. Not an issue on most jobs but if something needs to line up exactly it’s best to have a chat with our designers first.



This was in Pro's and we know this doesn’t sound like a bad thing. But with the ability to choose from hundreds of colours it can be difficult not to veer away from your brand guidelines. We know the Red Glitter option is stunning but if your brand colours are Black and Navy you’ll have a hard time convincing the team!

Digital Foiling: How to use it?

The digital foil is supplied on rolls and is heated as it runs through our high pressure machine. To ensure not everything we print ends up foiled we create the product in two parts.
Firstly we print everything that you do not want to be foil. This is then sealed with a soft touch laminate. Then we overprint, in black, any areas that you want foiled. Then it is run through the machine and the foil adheres to anywhere there is toner present.

Want more information? Watch a video from machine suppliers Matrix here


Digital Foiling: Why use it?


Consumers are drawn to more appealing products and Digital Foil is incredibly eye-catching.

Perceived Value

With many famous companies using foil you help associate your business with higher quality. This perception is invaluable, people buy from companies they trust.

Stand Out

Today’s marketplace is crowded and creating a memorable product to separate yourself is incredibly important. Foil demands attention and draws customers in.


Foil encourages the urge to touch the product. And that high quality Business Card or Brochure is an instant way to engage consumers and give them an insight into the quality of your product.


2020 has been an odd year and trends are showing consumers favour tactile marketing with a focus on personalisation. Digital foil is perfect for this, giving your brand a hit of opulence and quality at an affordable price.



How Long Does It Take to Get Your Wedding Invitations Printed?

Weddings take aWeddings take a lot of planning. One of the things that you’ll need to do well in advance of the big day is to order your wedding invitations. You need to allow plenty of time to design and print the invites, but the most important thing to remember is that your guests needs lots of time to respond. lot of planning. One of the things that you’ll need to do well in advance of the big day is to order your wedding invitations. You need to allow plenty of time to design and print the invites, but the most important thing to remember is that your guests needs lots of time to respond.


Continue reading How Long Does It Take to Get Your Wedding Invitations Printed?

Writing Your Wedding Invitations

Getting the wording right on your wedding invites is about more than just avoiding spelling mistakes or getting the date wrong when you submit the text for wedding invitation printing. The details are important, but you also need to create an invite that shows people how your wedding will be: traditional, informal, or completely unique?

Choosing Your Words

Before you sit down to write your wedding invitation you will need to have made all the big decisions about where and when your wedding will be held. You will also need to know what kind of event it will be before you can arrange wedding invitation printing so that can provide a dress code and make decisions about the style of the invite. There are a lot of rules about formal wedding invitations, but if you are having a less traditional wedding then you can bend them as much as you want.

What to Include on Your Wedding Invitation

Traditionally a wedding invite will include the following lines, although the wording can change depending on how formal you want the invitation to be:

The names of the hosts, who would traditionally be the bride’s parents but are more often the couple themselves on modern invites
A phrase requesting the invitee to attend the wedding, for example “request the pleasure of your company” or “would love for you to join them”. You can use our mail merge service to write in the guest’s name here or on a separate line.

  • The names of the couple will then be placed on the next line if they are not already named at the hosts. For example, “at the marriage of…” or “at their wedding”.
  • Date and time of the wedding
  • Wedding location
  • Information about the time and location of the reception
  • Dress code
  • Details about how to RSVP (or a separate RSVP card to return)
  • Any other essential information, for example if children won’t be invited to the reception

The wording you choose should reflect the style of your wedding, so it can be very formal and traditional or more casual and modern. It is vital to get all of the details correct to avoid confusion, so make sure that you check everything very carefully before submitting the text for wedding invitation printing.

A Guide to Creating Your Dream Wedding Invitation – Part 2

Romantic wedding invite

Part 2: How to Design the Perfect Wedding Invitation

Your wedding invitations portray so much of the elegance, romance, fun, or downright silliness you have planned for your wedding (click here to see the Part 1 of our Guide to Creating Your Dream Wedding Invitation). They let your guests know exactly what type of wedding they will be attending, what type of gifts they should bring, what colours to wear, and how formally they should dress.


Some of this may happen subconsciously when you are planning your invitations, but that doesn’t mean you should leave your design to fate.  Here are some useful design tips to help you create your perfect wedding invitation.


Design Tips for Your Dream Wedding Invitations

It is important to choose a style that will match the theme of your wedding.  If you’re after a traditional and elegant wedding it would be a good idea to keep the invitations clean and keep the colours muted.  If you have chosen bold colours for your wedding, you could incorporate these as subtle accents.  If, however, you want a more modern, relaxed wedding you could experiment with colourful invitations featuring vector illustrations and incorporating infographic-style design features.


Invite using unusual font


Regardless of the style of your invitation, you want to keep the font legible.  Don’t get too carried away with the custom designs available online.  That being said, It’s fun to experiment with some of the more playful fonts for informal invitations.  If, however, it’s formal that you’re after, the tasteful calligraphy fonts add a beautiful air of sophistication to your invitations.


Embossed wedding invite


Line drawings and floral designs, used tastefully, can be exceptionally effective for traditional wedding invitations.  That being said, traditional doesn’t mean dull.  It is quite possible to incorporate modern design elements like bold graphics and even photographs into traditional invitations.  The same goes for modern invitations, where bold floral designs can look trendy instead of dated.


Creative set of wedding pack


Yes, you want your creativity to shine, but there are two very important reasons to err on the side of practicality.  Firstly, if your invitations are irregularly sized, finding envelopes for them might prove stressful, and that’s the last thing you need when you’re in wedding planning mode.  Secondly, remember that your friends and family might like to save their invitations, so it’s a good idea to make your invitations as timeless as the theme allows for.   


Wedding invite tied with red ribbon


Even if your wedding isn’t going to be especially formal, you don’t want it to seem tacky.  So, regardless of the design elements of your invitations, make sure you take them to the best printers when the time comes.  Quality paper combined with excellent printing will certainly convey the right tone and accentuate your design choices.


Informal wedding invitation


Let Your Wedding Invitations Match Your Wedding’s Personality


Your wedding has a personality of its own – whether fun, serious, flirty, or a bit of each – and this should be reflected in the wedding invitations.  However, it is completely up to you how you you choose to express this personality.  Hopefully the above tips will help to inspire you to create invitations that match your dream wedding as perfectly as you match your partner.


A Guide to Creating Your Dream Wedding Invitation – Part 1

wedding invitation

Part 1: What Your Wedding Invitation Says About Your Wedding

This is the digital age and you probably keep in touch with most of the people you want to invite to your wedding.  They all know that you are getting married and have found out the date through general conversation or keeping up with your plans on social media.


So, with this in mind, why are wedding invitations still so vital to a wedding?  The answer to that question lies in the fact that, aside from honouring an age-old tradition, wedding invitations tell your guests far more about your wedding than just the location of the ceremony.


Your Wedding Invitation Speaks Volumes

Maybe you’ve planned it, or maybe it is completely subconscious, but the choices you make with regards to your wedding invitations tell your guests an awful lot about your wedding.  Leaving out the text completely, your wedding invitation gives your guests clear indications about the following:


1. What Type of Wedding It Is
It could be a formal affair, full of roses, doves and a host of other traditional staples.  On the other hand, it could be a laid back party that aims to steer clear of every wedding cliché in the book.  Though you might not have time to tell all of your guests what to expect, they will have a very clear picture of the type of wedding to expect based on the design choices you make for your invitations.


Wedding invitation with envelope
2. What the Wedding’s Colour Theme Will Be
Here again, you may not have time to cover this with each and every guest, but your wedding invitations can do it for you.  It is fairly common for couples to choose a colour theme for their wedding and incorporate this into every aspect of their special day, including the invitations.  So, if guests want to be a part of it and dress to suit the colour theme, they’ll know exactly which colours to choose.


fancy wedding invitation

3. The Best Type of Gift to Bring
Some wedding invitations are quite clear about which types of gift will best suit the occasion.  They’ll either mention a registry, ask for cash, or say that gifts are absolutely not necessary.  However, if you don’t want to mention it at all, the style of your invitation will guide your guests.  Rustic, hand-made invitations might warrant gifts of a similar ilk, while you might receive more traditional gifts if your invitations are more formal.


rustic wedding invite


4. Which Attire Will Be Most Suitable
A combination between the location of the ceremony and the style of the invitation will tell your guests all they need to know about what to wear to your wedding.  A crisp, white invitation to a wedding in a ballroom will certainly be black-tie, while a message-in-a-bottle type invitation to a beach wedding may only require tropical shirts and sundresses.

black and white wedding invite


Wedding Invitations Are About More Than Words

Knowing that your wedding invitation can convey so much information without ever having to detail it in the text might make designing seem quite daunting.  But, relax – it needn’t be.  You know exactly how you want your wedding to come off, and this will show in the choices you make without you having to think too hard about it.


That being said, in Part 2 of this look at wedding invitations we’ll discuss some design ideas that will help you set the tone of your wedding perfectly.  Go to Part 2: How to Design the Perfect Wedding Invitation.