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Writing a Funeral Order of Service

Creating the order of service can help you to gather your thoughts and think about how the funeral should be. You will need to make some important decisions while writing the text for funeral order of service printing.


Practical Arrangements

It is usually easiest to begin with the practical arrangements. Before you can arrange funeral order of service printing you will need to have the following information:

  • Where and when the service will be held
  • Who the officiant will be, which may be determined by your choice of location
  • The arrangements for the burial or cremation
  • The arrangements for the reception after the funeral
  • Whether you will be accepting flowers or donations to a charity

The Funeral Service

In addition to deciding on the practical arrangements, you will need to think about the content before arranging funeral order of service printing. The order of service will guide people through the funeral, so it will need to include details such as the words to the hymns. Deciding on what to include can be very emotional. The deceased person may have left some instructions, but friends and family members may also have their own suggestions to make. The officiant can also provide valuable guidance, especially if you are planning a traditional service. In order to write the funeral order of service you will need to decide on the following:

  • What type of service you will be having, for example whether it religious or non-religious, traditional or modern, formal or informal
  • Which hymns, readings, poems or prayers will be included in the service
  • Who will be giving the funeral eulogy
  • Any additional details such as other people who will be involved in the service

In addition to the practical information about the funeral and the content of the service, you may also want to include some personal touches. The order of service can help everyone to remember the deceased person and to celebrate their life.