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Ideas and Insight – Fundraising during Covid for Jewish Charities

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How has Jewish Charity fundraising changed in the wake of Covid19?

With 1 in 4 people subject to restrictions on movement events have been severely impacted, but Jewish Charities still need to raise awareness and funds.

Here's a look at other viable options while face-to-face Dinners and Events are off the table .

Virtually Unmissable Events

Taking your event Online.

Many events have moved online, Zoom, Google Hangouts and others have made this easier, although not without issues!

Over in Australia, Space ran a Virtual Charity Dinner for 300 guests and whilst social options are limited this is a great way of encouraging interaction.

We believe print can really raise Jewish Charities events by adding a tactile element to keep people focused.

How to elevate your event: 

Dinner Brochures – send out a smaller version of your standard Dinner brochure.

  • Sponsors are more likely to advertise in something physical that will be looked at again and again.

  • Holding something tactile will evoke the feelings of previous Dinners.

  • A well designed brochure adds an element of grandeur, even if people are sat on their sofa.


Pledge Cards

Personalised cards with suggested donation amounts and having a ready to use reply envelope will all dramatically increase the chance of a donation.

Online donations are increasing, but campaigns combining digital and print yield 25% higher responses than digital alone. (Source: McKinsey Development)

We can supply fully personalised pledge cards with matching addressed envelopes. We can even send them out directly for you.


“Fundraising appeals work best when there is a letter, a response form and a reply envelope. These three elements are essential to increased donations.” 
The Institute of Fundraising

Reasons to Use Print with Virtual Events

Jewish Charity Fundraising Stats


Here's two of the best Jewish Charities Fundraisers we've seen during Covid19

Gift Drive-In 2020             JW3 – Big Night In


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Can it really be time to think about Christmas?

Gold Foiled Card on green



We don't want to shock you but there's less than 100 days to go.


Should you be sending Christmas Cards?

If your customers have supported you through this year, now is the time to say thank you. Christmas Cards are not the place for a hard sell, but they definitely help nurture leads and existing relationships. This is an ideal opportunity to strengthen your connection to clients, suppliers and partners. Don't send a generic, token card. Send them something personal – lets take a look at the options.

Print Options

There are lots of options to choose from to help your card stand out from the crowd. We're going to look at personalisation, types of stock and unusual finishes.

Personalise each and every card

With digital printing every card can be different. Put together a spreadsheet with your customers names and addresses and we can print each Christmas Card with their name plus a matching envelope with their address. You could also include a specific message for each client – or just your favourites! If you want to go one step further you could even personalise the image on the front for them.

Different Stocks

Standard Christmas Cards are printed on a stock that is slightly glossy on the outer and uncoated on the inner to allow for easy writing. We offer this but if you would like something different:

Kraft Card
Perfect for a more eco friendly, craft style option.

Conqueror Iridescent Range
Add a shimmer or sparkle to your cards with options ranging from icy silver through to warm gold.

Textured Card
Add a luxury feel with stonemarque or laid finish cards



Super shiny Gloss Laminate to make the colours in your image really pop.

Matt Laminate for a smarter, more understated finish.

Soft Touch Laminate for a tactile, velvety feel.


Gold Foiled Christmas Card  Digital Foiling

Digital Foiling is available on all smooth boards. It can be used alone or if you want to use it alongside a printed image we can add a lamination – see our Product Spotlight to find out more.

We can offer this in a wide range of colours and you can add just a hint of metallic – maybe baubles on a Christmas tree or a full metallic image for huge impact.


Tree and stockings cut out of white card  Digital Die Cutting

Die Cutting has always been a very expensive option for smaller print quantities but with our new machine we can cut to shape from just 25 prints. This has limitations but can create some really striking Christmas cards. Cut out your logo, Christmas Shapes or a Christmas silhoutte.



Why send Branded Christmas Cards?

Build Relationships

Hopefully your customers have stuck by you through this odd year, and now is the time to remind them you appreciate them. Thank them with a gift or incentive in your Christmas Card to encourage them to keep working with you in the New Year.


Brand Awareness

You probably haven't done as much marketing this year and this is a great opportunity to send out gentle marketing along with a genuine hope for a great holiday. Help your brand shine with incredible finishes available on just 25 cards and upwards. You can remind customers of your quality and attention to detail with a personalised Christmas Card.


Stand Out

Send it early and be pride of place in your customers home or office for the whole of December. Many companies won't send cards this year – even more chance for you to put yourself at the front of customers minds.

Christmas Cards – The Practicalities

We've told you about all the creative options available to help you stand out, but don't get tripped up by the nitty gritty.

Clean your Data

Make sure you go through your database thoroughly, you don't want to waste money sending to unused addresses. Sending to customers who have previously unsubscribed is a no go – make sure you have removed anyone who has requested it.


Get in early, send your cards out in the first week of December to avoid the rush. The first cards are much more likely to be displayed around the office – gaining you maximum exposure.


Do you have time to pack and post them yourself or will it get put off? We offer a full mailing service – so you have one less thing to worry about.


Elegant or fun? Think about your customers and what they value. If you get stuck for idea's pop one of our designers an email and we'll be more than happy to work with you to create the right impression.


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Calendars – It’s time to start looking forward

Hand writing on a desktop calendar
City Printing 2021 Calendars

2021 Calendars

Ok so we’ve heard the jokes, we know you want to see a trailer for 2021 before you buy a calendar!

However, we’ve got some very good reasons why you should be buying, selling and gifting calendars and now is the time to get organised.

An economical gift that has impact and lasts all year, there are few other pieces of marketing material have that staying power.
For Charities, calendars can be a great fundraiser, we work with a dog rescue who sell out every year and it’s one of their biggest money makers.

Send Calendars that Count

Corporate calendars are ambassadors for your company. Keeping you in your customers line of sight and their minds, all year round. You should be aiming to send a calendar that is a conversation starter, a relationship builder and most importantly useful. Clearly laid out with space to scribble important dates or events.
The images should also be appealing to a wide range of people. Your plumbing company may love pipes, push-fits and tools – but your clients might not!


Calendar Types

Desktop Calendars 

Landscape Desktop Calendar template

Wirobound with Tent Card – Portrait or Landscape A5, Landscape DL or 148mm Square.

Perfect as a corporate gift. These are reasonably small – great for an office or home desk, yet they can be heavily personalised – add your own images, dates, events and even adverts.
With a sturdy tent card base and a wirobound top the pages are easily turned and the back of each sheet can be kept blank for any extra notes.


Hanging Calendars

Stapled with a drill hole – Landscape A4 or Portrait or Landscape A5.

This is an economical option but with impact. Great for team planning in a shared space. The stapled option also gives two extra pages, often used for:
About Us Page
This Years Success
Next Years Plans
Offers for your Clients.


Wirobound with a hanger – Portrait or Landscape A5 and A4 or Portrait A3.
City Printing Branded Wall Hanging Calendar

These can be much sturdier and even printed on heavy card throughout. These can be run single or double sided depending on your preference and we can add more pages should you want to get a message out to your clients.

Wall Planners – A3, A2 or A1

A large single sheet, these are lighter and much less bulky than the other options which makes them ideal to send out as a corporate gift, as well as cheaper to post!
These are popular with schools and we work with a number of them to produce these to send out to parents. These calendars run September to August and include all holidays, inset days and events. For some schools we even personalise them by class to include birthdays!

Brand new Calendar templates ready for 2021 available now.

We have a large range of templates if you would like to create your own artwork or you can speak to one of our designers who will be happy to create something bespoke for you. All we need are your images and important dates. Let us create an impressive, personalised calendar for you in 2021.


Templates for 2021

2021 A3 Wiro Calendar

2021 A4 Wiro Calendar Landscape  

2021 A4 Wiro Calendar Portrait         

2021 A5 Wiro Calendar Portrait      

2021 DL Desktop Calendar  

2021 A5 Desktop Calendar             

2021 A5 Desktop Calendar Portrait   

2021 A4 Landscape Stapled



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Product Spotlight – Digital Foiling in Print

City Printing Digital Foil Rolls in a range of colours
City Printing Digital Foil Rolls in a range of colours

Digital Foiling and Traditional Foiling can both leave your printed product with beautiful metallic accents – the difference is in the process and the finish


Digital Foiling.

Works best on smooth uncoated board, although if you want print alongside your foil it will also need to be soft touch laminated. Digital foil adheres to printed toner and leaves a bright, shiny but flat image.


Traditional Foiling

Works best on rough or textured stock. A stamp is created of your design and this is then pressed into the board leaving an embossed foil image.


Digital Foiling: The Pro’s

Size AND Fine Details

Traditional Foiling stamps are costed per inch square, so the larger the area you want to foil the more expensive it gets. It can also be difficult fine details on a metal stamp.
Digital Foiling adheres to printed toner, if you are printing Invitations the cost for a foiled name or a large image would be the same. It will also adhere to small amounts of toner, making intricate designs possible.



Because no stamp is required Digital Foil allows for personalisation in a way that Traditional Foil never could. Suddenly foiling individual names on Invitations, using a range of foiled designs across your Business Cards or restaurant menus is easy and economical. If you were to attempt this with Traditional Foil each design/Name would have to have its own stamp which would cost a small fortune.



Digital foil files are created directly from the computer. Unlike Traditional Foil where a stamp has to be created which can take 5-10 days.
There is no waiting time, as soon as it is printed it can be Digitally Foiled so items can be produced in days rather than weeks.



There are hundreds of colours available for Digital Foiling. Standard colours like Gold, Silver, Copper as well as Rose Gold, Brights and Pastels. We shouldn’t have any trouble finding a colour to fit with your branding. Digital foil is also available in a glitter and holographic finish, perfect for that extra sparkle or security.


Digital Foiling: The Con’s


At the moment Digital Foil is at it’s best on smooth, laminated card. Using it on a rough or textured card will not show it at its best and will not enhance your product. If you have your heart set on a textured board then you should definitely consider our Traditional Foiling options.


Higher Quantities

Higher quantities can equal higher costs. Digital Foil costs the same for every sheet printed. Traditional Foil has high set up costs but the running costs are low so if you are going for thousands of prints, traditional is the way to go.



There can be some movement on Digital Print and as each sheet has to be printed twice (see our Digital Foil explanation below) this can mean there is a small amount of variation. Not an issue on most jobs but if something needs to line up exactly it’s best to have a chat with our designers first.



This was in Pro's and we know this doesn’t sound like a bad thing. But with the ability to choose from hundreds of colours it can be difficult not to veer away from your brand guidelines. We know the Red Glitter option is stunning but if your brand colours are Black and Navy you’ll have a hard time convincing the team!

Digital Foiling: How to use it?

The digital foil is supplied on rolls and is heated as it runs through our high pressure machine. To ensure not everything we print ends up foiled we create the product in two parts.
Firstly we print everything that you do not want to be foil. This is then sealed with a soft touch laminate. Then we overprint, in black, any areas that you want foiled. Then it is run through the machine and the foil adheres to anywhere there is toner present.

Want more information? Watch a video from machine suppliers Matrix here


Digital Foiling: Why use it?


Consumers are drawn to more appealing products and Digital Foil is incredibly eye-catching.

Perceived Value

With many famous companies using foil you help associate your business with higher quality. This perception is invaluable, people buy from companies they trust.

Stand Out

Today’s marketplace is crowded and creating a memorable product to separate yourself is incredibly important. Foil demands attention and draws customers in.


Foil encourages the urge to touch the product. And that high quality Business Card or Brochure is an instant way to engage consumers and give them an insight into the quality of your product.


2020 has been an odd year and trends are showing consumers favour tactile marketing with a focus on personalisation. Digital foil is perfect for this, giving your brand a hit of opulence and quality at an affordable price.