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How New Printing Technology is Changing the Industry?

Print technology has come a long way since the first printing presses were churning out books and pamphlets. We can now create amazing pieces of art that are full of colour, pictures and special features such as foiling and delicate cut-outs.


New Printing Technology

The Latest Developments in Print Technology

We always keep up to date with all of the latest development. The print options we provide and the way that we create them have changed a lot since City Printing was established in 1975. Even over the last couple of decades, we have seen some amazing new print technology spreading through the industry. Some of the most important developments of the 21st century so far include:

  • Bespoke and Print on Demand Services: it’s now cheaper and easier than ever to order bespoke print items or to produce new copies as and when they’re needed. Even a couple of decades ago, it would have been difficult to find a printer who could offer these kinds of services.
  • Electronic media: computers and the internet have changed everything, particularly in the print sector. While print media is still very popular, it now has to complete with online marketing, websites and electronic brochures. However, new technology has also provided us with new ways of creating designs and sharing them with clients before the final product is printed. It has also increased the value that people place on tangible items, so printed materials are often viewed as more luxurious now.
  • Better for the Environment: printing is still one of the most polluting industries in the UK, but we are doing our bit to improve things. Eco friendly inks and recycled paper are making printing much greener.

The Future of Printing

New printing technology has already enabled us to create designs that wouldn’t have been possible in the past, but it is always developing. Here are some of the new techniques that could soon be available for your print projects:

  • Nanotechnology: scientists are able to manipulate all kinds of materials at the molecular level, including pigments. New nanopigments are being developed with unique properties that could enable us to print on different materials, in even greater resolution, and in better colours.
  • 3D Printing: although paper printing isn’t going anywhere, the development of 3D printing is creating new opportunities for marketing. If 3D printers become more common, we could one day be incorporating instructions for printing prototypes or gifts into our marketing material.
  • Personalisation: we already offer services such as mail merging to address envelopes for wedding invitations and new technology has made smaller print runs more affordable, but these developments could go even further in the future. You might one day be able to send personalised brochures to your customers, featuring the items that are most likely to appeal to them.

If you’ve been using print services for a while, then you’ll already have experienced many changes in the way that print materials are designed and created. Print materials have become much cheaper, easier and quicker to produce, but the technology is still developing. You should expect to see plenty more changes and new technologies in the future too.